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Benefits are what separates Isodyne EMI backshells from the legacy products and processes that have not kept pace with todays highly digitized world. What was developed and designed to carry analog signals has long surpassed their useful life of efficiency. No amount of copper layers, over braid or solder sleeves are going to mend the inherent weakness of their grounding termination system. Isodynes Tool-Less Termination benefits begin at assembly requiring approximately 30% less time for assembly and end with a cable assembly that performs better at shielding EMI because of lower resistance between the drain wires, over braid and back shell.


No tools required to assemble or disassemble

Fewer components make the Isodyne solution much faster and easier to assemble. An inherent advantage of the Isodyne Tool Less Braid Termination system is ease of re-entry for re-pinning or repair.

No solder sleeves

The weak link in grounding drain wires to the back shell are eliminated by capturing them with our Conforce (constant force) spring providing direct contact to the back shell for better EMI performance.

One Conforce spring provides 125ft lbs of tensile strength

Isodynes’ Conforce spring can be installed and removed 100s of times with no degradation to its holding force. Adding a heat shrink boot almost doubles the holding force and can be ordered as a kit.

Reduced component count, reduced weight

Eliminating components not only reduces FOD and assembly time but also reduces weight. Isodyne offers Composite back shells for further weight reduction when required.

Faster assembly time

Watch our video comparing two identical cables built, one using traditional assembly methods the other using the Isodyne Tool Less Braid Termination system. A thirty percent times savings was achieved.

Better EMI performance

Resistance between the drain wires to the back shells as well as between the over braid and back shell are some of the lowest levels in the industry. Data available upon request.

Custom Solutions

Isodyne is a solutions based company. When our standard product does not meet the requirement our team develops a part that meets all the of the application criteria.


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