Isodyne offers backshells that interface with Connector Designator C and built to MIL-C-22992, Class R. Isodyne EMI/RFI backshells are small, light weight, and compatible with MIL-C-22992 backshells. These backshells are available in straight, 45 degree, and 90 degree types. Military MIL spec connectors.

Isodyne’s patented EMI backshell system is made of a spring band area with slots that allow the individual drain wires direct contact with the backshell body. The Isodyne tool-less backshell system allows for assembly and dis-assembly of the over braid to the backshell with the need for a tool. The constant force spring band increases holding force and lowers resistance under vibration which improves EMI performance.

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Connector Designator C by MIL-Spec

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