200 Series D-Sub Backshell

Isodyne D-Sub (D-Subminiature) EMI/RFI connector backshells interface with MIL-C-24308 and MIL-C-83513 series connectors standard pin layouts.  Available in straight d-subs, 45 degree D-Sub backshells, and 90 degree D-Sub backshells. Our shielded D-Sub Backshell Electrical Connectors offer superior EMI/RFI protection.

In addition to commercial and military backshell connectors for D-sub applications, we also offer custom products and rapid prototyping for EMI Backshells. Dimensionally accurate and durable samples. If you have questions about D-Subminiature (D-sub) or other Mil-Spec backshell connections, please give us a call.

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D-Sub Backshells by MIL-Spec

  • MIL-C-24308
  • MIL-C-83513

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