RJ45 Series Circular Backshells

RJ45 Backshell for EMI Integrity & Mechanical Protection

Isodyne’s RJ45 backshell provides EMI shielding and protection for COTS RJ45 connectors both shielded and non-shielded. Set screws on each side of the backshell are used to hold the connector in place and provide a grounding path to the connector shield.

  • Compliments all RJ45 (8P8C) connections (shielded & unshielded)
  • Smaller footprint than traditional D38999 RJ45 connecctor
  • Top, side, & end cable entries available
  • Backshell protects release tab from accidental breakage
  • Spring can be removed and replaced hundreds of times with no degradation of holding forces
  • No tools required to attach over braid to the backshell
  • Military MIL spec

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