Backshell Spring Bands

The Next Generation Constant Force Spring Band is Here

Current termination steel bands (M85049/128-X) are cumbersome, take too much time, and require multiple specialized tools to install. This drives up costs and slows down production.

Fortunately, there’s a better way:

Introducing the Isodyne ISOTDS (M32628/01) Tri-Dent Spring Band

Tri-Dent spring installation is tool-less so you can keep costs down and get more done in less time. When you have wire harnesses requiring shielding protection for EMI/RFI, HIRF, and lightning, tool-less spring termination will give you better electrical and mechanical performance. And, a stainless steel band spring can be installed and removed thousands of times with no holding force degradation.

How It Works

An Isodyne ISOTDS M32628/01 constant force band spring uses one braid shell spring band to terminate both the individual shields and the overbraid. There are three “Tri-Dent” protusions at the end of the spring wrap, making it easy to see where to open the band springs. You simply use your fingertip to unroll the spring and it’s ready for installation.

Once you’ve pulled the braid over the banding surface of the backshell connector, you compress the braid around the banding platform and then wrap the spring band around both the connector assembly and the braid. With this shield termination method, there’s no need to add a tinel ring. Additionally, future repairs and re-pinning can easily be performed by unrolling the spring from the cable assembly.

Removable Spring Band Install Method

For more details, read the complete Tri-Dent Spring Install Method or view more backshell installation videos.

Benefits of Tri-Dent Tool-Less Braid Termination Feature

  • No Calibrated Tools Required
  • No Need for Solder Sleeves
  • Cost Reduction
  • Reduced Component Count
  • Control FOD
  • Can Be Reused Thousands of Times
  • Lighter Weight
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Easily Identify End of Spring Band
  • Tensile pull strength 125 ft/lbs
  • Increased Holding Force
  • Lowered Resistance Under Vibration
  • Improved EMI Performance

Isodyne Tool-less Termination System Applications

Since 1990, Isodyne’s spring banding backshell shield system has been used on land, sea, air, and even space platforms. You’ll find the tool-less braid shield spring band used in the communications field supporting Satcom, radio, military fixed and rotary wing aircraft, and UAV market applications.


ISOTDS M32628/01 spring bands are intended to be used with M85049/82 through /90 connector backshells in accordance with  SAE AS85049/82 through SAE AS85049/90. These constant force spring bands are an alternate for the M85049/128 shield band in accordance with SAE 85049/128. In addition, the ISOTDS M32628/01 spring bands include Tri-Dents to aid in installation of the spring band on the connector backshell.

Example of a Part or Identification Number (PIN):

Example PIN

Spring band part number compatible with M85049/82 through /90 backshells. Installation of the spring band on the backshells shown in this table have been validated. Using the spring band on other backshells or accessories may not provide the specified performance requirements of M32628/01 spring bands.

ISOTDS Series (M32628/01) to SAE AS85049/82 to /90 backshell compatibility.

85049 Accessory and Cable Entry Size Table

Click Below For ISOTDS Series (M32628/01) Spring To AS85049/82 To /90 Backshell

Compatibility Table

ISOTDS Series (M32628/01) to AS85049-82 to 90 Spec Sheet

Click Below For ISOTDS Series (M32628/01) Shield Termination Test Report

Tri-Dent Optimized Shield Termination Test Report

US Patent # 10,224,668