M [Mighty Mouse]
EMI Connector Backshells

Isodyne’s EMI Mighty Mouse backshell is specified by our “M” connector designator and accepts threaded backshells and adapter sizes. The Mighty Mouse backshells are available in straight, 45 degree, and 90 degree types. Isoydyne Mighty Mouse connectors are small, light weight, and compatible with Glenair’s 800, 801, 803, 804, 805, and Filconn Field Mouse connectors.┬áMilitary MIL spec connectors.

Isodyne’s patented EMI backshell system is made of a spring band area with slots that allow the individual drain wires direct contact with the backshell body. The Isodyne tool-less backshell system allows for assembly and dis-assembly of the over braid to the backshell with the need for a tool. The constant force spring band increases holding force and lowers resistance under vibration which improves EMI performance.

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